Are you in need of chiropractic care? Looking for one of the best chiropractor Rahway has to offer, make sure to contact Rahway Spine & Healthcare, located in Rahway, NJ. Chiropractic care is extremely important in order to increase the flexibility in the back, as well as promoting overall health along the spine. One of the major issues with back pain, or any type of discomfort along the back is that it is so interconnected to many different nerves, and muscle groups in the body, that an issue beginning at one of the discs in the back, can lead to pain all through the body.

One of the most common issues for back pain sufferers is lower back soreness and discomfort. Pain in the lower back and lower region of the spine can cause issues such as migraines, nausea, muscle weakness or numbness in different areas like the legs, feet, toes, hands, fingers, hamstrings, and knee pain. In addition, certain other symptoms, albeit rarer, are incontinence of urine or stool, atrophy in the muscles, rash, fever, cold/flu-like symptoms, weight loss, stomach cramping and abdominal pains. In order to treat such pains, no matter the region of the back, the most common treatment methods are surgery or physical therapy.

Considering back surgery is highly invasive it is thought more of as a last resort. Chiropractic care is also an important part of treatment, as it can help you regain lost feeling, smooth out knots, and muscle adhesions, as well as improve back flexibility and overall wellness. So if you're looking for the best chiropractor Rahway has to offer, be sure to contact Rahway Spine and Health for all your spine care needs.